My background

Through my own journey to healing, I’ve have been through many avenues to diagnose and find healing and wellness.  I have had allergies and sinus issues my whole life and then 7 years ago, multiple unexplained issues came up.  I had been through at least a dozen doctors and they all said I was perfectly healthy “except my stomach issues.”  During this time, I tried many diets to help my symptoms.  I went through them all, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, autoimmune paleo, etc.  My lifestyle and diet truly helped me with most of my symptoms to get 80% better, but it couldn’t get me all the way.

I finally found a wonderful Functional MD that asked the right questions and performed the right testing and found I had been misdiagnosed throughout the last 7 years.  He found I has Lyme disease and Babesia (another Tick-borne disease).  He also found I had a histamine intolerance that was causing my 19 food allergies and intolerances.

When I first got sick, I was eating scared and lost 30 pounds because I reacted to everything.  I took the scientific path and became my own greatest experiment.  I had about 7 foods I could eat and decided to introduce one food at a time to see how I did.  There were epic failures (gluten and nightshades) and fantastic successes (goat cheese and homemade breakfast sausage). 

Going through this journey has reignited my passion for cooking and baking wonderful food. The kitchen is one of my most peaceful places.  Converting recipes into healthier versions has given me a great creative outlook.  I would love to share my love for nutrition and wellness with you to help you on your wellness journey.