Welcome to my Keto health and wellness page! My name is Serena Howes and I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology, am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certified from the Institute for Integrative NutritionĀ®, and a Certified Keto Coach. My passion is to help people through their journey to be the heathiest they can be through their nutrition and lifestyle. My background of science and love for nutrition have come together through my own journey. My calling has led me to want to help people heal through the ketogenic lifestyle and be able to overcome challenges, especially with those suffering with Lyme Disease, co-infections, allergies, and autoimmune diseases.
I want to say to anyone just starting out in this journey, you are NOT alone. There are so many great resources out there and people willing to help. When I first got sick, I was eating scared and lost 30 pounds because I reacted to everything. I took the scientific path and became my own greatest experiment. I had about 7 foods I could eat and decided to introduce one food at a time to see how I did. There were epic failures (gluten and nightshades) and fantastic successes (goat cheese and homemade breakfast sausage).
Going through this journey has reignited my passion for cooking and baking wonderful food. The kitchen is one of my most peaceful places and converting recipes into healthier versions has given me a great creative outlook. I would love to share my love for nutritional health and wellness with you to help you on your wellness journey.